As a brand born on the coast of California, we wanted to create a collection that really captured our roots. So we started with a list of things that make us think of California.

Long drives along PCH. Saturday afternoons in Venice. Biking along Santa Monica Boardwalk. Camping in Big Sur. Burritos from restaurants that only the locals know.  Watching the sunset with friends. Watching the sunset alone. Hiking in Santa Barbara. 80-degree summers and 60-degree winters. Surf trips up the coast. The sound of the ocean at 6 AM. Festivals in Palm Springs. Going from the beach to the city to the mountains in one weekend. Because it’s only in California where that’s possible.

Inspired by this, we used California construction to build sneakers that embody the ease and diversity of our birthplace. Commonly used on running shoes to deliver a weightless and flexible experience for natural movement, this highly meticulous method requires skilled artisans to craft shoes that feel like the lightness and freedom of California.

Here are a few things you need to know.

  • California construction requires extremely accurate cutting and stitching to create a wearing-experience that molds to your feet for a barefoot feel.
  • Our Cheap UGG outsole is exceptionally lightweight without sacrificing grip. Compared to traditional EVA outsoles, Treadlite by UGG™ has 16% more durability, 20% better traction, and cushioning that lasts 25% longer.
  • When paired with our enerG Comfort System insole – which uses micropod technology to combine soft foam and polyurethane pods for supreme cushioning – it produces our lightest, most liberating shoes yet.

And we’re not overhyping this. According to the guys who wear them here at HQ, they don’t even feel like sneakers.

Our Men’s Marketing Director says it’s the only sneaker he hasn’t had to break in. He doesn’t even take them off when he gets home because they feel just as good as socks or slippers. He may or may not even sleep in them. (He does.)

For style inspiration, our Senior Director of Men’s Design, recommends wearing them with jeans and your favorite white tee. It’s a combo that will only take a few seconds to put on and it’ll give you that cool-creative-guy-who-lives-in-LA vibe. You know, the one who knows where the best coffee in the city is and definitely owns a DSLR camera.

If you’re not trying to channel that type of guy, no worries. These sneakers are versatile enough to work with everything in your closet. If athleisure is more your thing, wear them with joggers and hoodie. If it’s too hot for joggers and a hoodie, throw on some shorts and a tank. You can even get away with wearing them to VIP events. The suit-and-sneaker look is in right now, and these luxe sneakers look amazing with a tux.

Cast in rich full-grain leather or soft suede and embellished with a variation of West Coast details (clean lines, fringe, palm tree embroidery), the Cali Sneaker is our best sneaker yet.

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