The 90’s are back, and we’re not mad about it. At Cheap UGG Store, we’ve got our fair share of 90’s kids who are just pining for the revival of school-girl attire (Baby One More Time, anyone?) to pair with our new spring pastel numbers. Luckily, we think that resurgence is here, considering the influx of pleated skirts, plaid shirts, scrunchies, and chokers we’re seeing on the shelves and runways as of late.

Scroll through for a few 90’s style tips to pair with our shoes this spring:

Our new loafers, the Hailey and Lane take us back to Elaine from Seinfeld. Her oversized floral dresses and loafers paired with socks had a lasting impact on this decade in fashion. Whether it’s a pair of thigh highs or slouchy ankle socks – they go great with our springtime slides.

A trend that was always apparent in the 90’s music scene was the laid-back look of a button-down flannel tied around your waist. It has an element of grunge that gives us those major Winona Ryder and Kurt Cobain vibes. We, again, love adding that air of juxtaposition by pairing the grungy flannel look with a more put-together loafer, or opt for a bit of girly spunk with our Lively wedge (due out later this spring)!

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